The Hackney Pirates

Cause Name: The Hackney Pirates
Cause Type: Education & Skills
Cause Location: Hackney, London
Cause Contact: Olly
Cause Contact Position: First Mate & Creative Educator

Cause Mission:

The Hackney Pirates is an innovative education project designed to supplement the school system. We work with young people in Hackney to develop core literacy skills and creative ability, by providing one-to-one attention in an unconventional learning environment. We believe young people progress fastest when given personalised attention from an adult who cares, and we want to utilise Hackney’s unparalleled concentration of creative professionals to ensure all local young people have access to this. We have so far worked with 150 young people to support them in their learning, and have delivered over 8000 hours of one-to-one attention.

Additional Information:

Can you help us open the world's first Shop of Adventures? 
The Hackney Pirates are moving to a new and exciting high street location in central Dalston and setting up shop! We want to use our grand opening as an opportunity to show off the great work our Young Pirates do, our fantastic volunteer community, and our exciting Shop of adventures.
We need advice and support in creating a public relations strategy to celebrate our move to as many people within Hackney and Greater London as possible, so that they can get involved in the learning of local young people.

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