American End of Endo Project

Cause Name: American End of Endo Project
Cause Type: Health
Cause Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Cause Contact: Holly Sanneman
Cause Contact Position: Founder

Cause Mission:

American End of Endo Project (AEEP) is a budding charitable organization for the benefit of girls and women who suffer from a condition called endometriosis (endo). Although one in ten women are affected by this condition (about 8 million in the United States alone), it is misunderstood, underdiagnosed, and poorly-treated. Causing severe pain and often infertility, this horrendous condition's origin appears to be genetic and environmental. Our organization will address healthcare industry disparities and work to break down the myths of women's pain and clarify to the masses what a "normal" versus "not normal" period looks like. Our strategy is an exciting, innovative one and will aim to "remove barriers and renew hope" so that clients have the greatest chance at having decreased or eliminated pain as well as the potential for increased fertility.

Additional Information:

American End of Endo Project will endeavor to "Remove Barriers and Renew Hope" for women and girls in the United States who suffer from endometriosis by bridging the most common gaps people experience when seeking understandable information, diagnosis, and proper treatment of endometriosis.