Don't Fund Hate

Cause Name: Don't Fund Hate
Cause Type: Education & Skills
Cause Location: London
Cause Contact: Matt Tutt
Cause Contact Position: Founder

Cause Mission:

Our mission is to educate people about the false information being spread in the media on a regular basis, serving to promote division and hatred, with the overall aim of furthering various political agendas. We aim to highlight the hateful material being published by specific media organisations, whilst encouraging advertisers to stop funding these types of publications.

Additional Information:

Don’t Fund Hate is a voluntary group which aims to discourage big brands, businesses and ultimately people from helping to fund hateful media publications. We aim to raise awareness of businesses activities which are helping to generate revenue for these fear-mongering, often right-wing media organisations, hopefully encouraging people to make their voices heard and to help put pressure on businesses to stop funding hate.