Hall of Fame

If one of our members has helped you with your cause we would like to hear about it, so that their contribution can be recognized. To nominate a marketer for the hall of fame click here.

matt tutt

I can't thank Matt enough for creating our website. Despite both being very busy and at quite a distance we managed to work closely to develop the site. He was at all times attentive and professional whilst providing his services free of charge. He continues to iron out small glitches and make tweaks and I am incredibly grateful.

Cambridge Community Arts www.camcommarts.org.uk is a small organisation providing creative learning opportunities for adults with mental health challenges enabling them to grow in confidence, make friends and gain skills to help them on their life journey. Matt's work has helped us to promote our services in a professional manner and develop our work.
Cambridge Community Arts

Matt has helped me to improve SEO and links on our website including backroom stuff with Google (eg indexing) which I'd really rather he did, not me. It's very useful to have the analytics and the meta tags etc sorted. Matt has been methodical and put in a good amount of time.He is very patient when I come back for further clarification.

He does really understand how rankings work and doesn't adopt a silver bullet approach, which I think is very helpful.

The Corpse Project

Matt helped us immensely with our website and setting up our online shop.
Seed of Hope

Matt has been amazing in supporting my children's charity 'Nia Children's Foundation' with SEO and website support. Not only has he managed the whole GoogleAdWords process but he has also taught me a lot along the way! Matt has given up a lot of his time to help drive traffic to my website and teach me how to showcase our work in different ways. Definitely a hall of fame star!
Nia Children's Foundation

Matt built us a fantastic website; he was extremely patient and generous with his time, expertise and advice and we are very grateful to him.
Broken Wings

Jermaine Ranger

Our extreme gratitude to Jermaine for putting together a very impressive marketing plan for us.

Jermaine’s ideas and recommendations show that he has fully grasped the ethos of the Street Photographer project and we are happy that we can count on his continued support and expertise.

We are now ready to take the next steps of the project and look forward to implementing Jermaine’s marketing plan.

Thanks also to Anna Mullenneaux for matchmaking us to Jermaine, and to the Pimp My Cause team for the efficient running of this platform. I’m sure it will soon become an orchard of fruitful projects.

Well done.
Street Photographers

It took only one meeting for Jermaine to understand what we are all about and he shows real commitment. He undertook a lot of research to produce a marketing plan for us - this has inspired us to plan a big face-lift for the whole organisation.

Whenever we hit a problem Jermaine is there to suggest some answers - he has such a wide knowledge of web applications - the links he emails are always worth exploring. But it's not just IT - he's given us sound advice about traditional marketing too.

Thanks a lot Jermaine!

Jermaine gave me fantastic advice and even came up with a marketing strategy for Incredible Brilliant Youth before we had met! He is really dedicated to helping others and using his skills and knowledge to support upcoming and established business. If your have his support you are fortunate!! Thanks for everything Jermaine!!
Incredible Brilliant Youth

Jermaine has been working on our Marketing strategy and helped us build a fantastic website for our catering social enterprise Holborn Community Cooks! You can check the website www.holborncommunitycooks.co.uk

Thanks so much Jermaine for your brilliant work, enthusiasm and support to HCA!
Holborn Community Association

John Griffith

We would like to say an enormous thank you to John Griffith! John got in touch with us just after signing up for Pimp My Cause and offered to help us create a promotional video for the platform. We had several video clips shot on web cams and iphones, in different formats and with varying quality, and he very quickly, creatively and professionally edited them together into an engaging promo video that we have been using to promote our activities. John is a joy to work with and it's thanks to his suggestion that we have added videography to our list of skills offered.
Pimp My Cause

John created a fantastic campaign film for us, which was a key tool in a campaign to stop the UK government burning palm oil in power stations. John was fantastic to work with - creative, responsive, fun, patient, and ultimately outstanding at creating engaging video content. He took on pretty much every aspect of the project, including the soundtrack and voiceover, and we were absolutely delighted with the result. Thank you John, you're a star!

You can see the results of John's work here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=PDo-aT-bLWI
Sumatran Orangutan Society

John helped us (The MOVE Partnership) to produce a short film that highlights the work we do with disabled children in schools. He was very patient and committed to providing us the best possible film. We'd highly recommend him to anyone looking to develop video content.
The MOVE Partnership

Michelle Norris

We are the Aidis Trust, a small charity that were in desperate need of creativity for our banners. We came across PimpMyCause and got in touch with Michelle from Ampersand. Even though we had given a short notice, in a space of two weeks we had our final designs completed. Michelle and her colleague have been great help and injected colour and creativity into our banners. If it wasn’t for them this job wouldn’t have been completed, we would like to say a great big Thank You ;-)
Aidis Trust

Michelle designed some fantastic, eye-catching artwork for a mobile bicycle-powered billboard, at very short notice! She was fantastic to work with, always really quick to respond and sending us several variations to choose from and develop into the final billboard.

We're looking forward to seeing the donations come rolling in once the bike hits the road - Thank you Michelle!
Sumatran Orangutan Society

James Bacarro

James was incredibly dedicated in helping us to create our annual review booklet. He was quick to respond to our requests, invariably positive and courteous and was so flexible in allowing us to come back to him with version after version and many requests for changes and updates! With his help we have been able to create a high quality, professional standard annual review document that will help us to engage donors with our work in Kenya. I can not recommend James highly enough and would suggest anyone looking for a graphic designer gets in touch with him immediately!
Team Kenya

James was incredibly dedicated in helping us to create our annual review booklet. He was quick to respond to our requests, invariably positive and courteous and was so flexible in allowing us to come back to him with version after version and many requests for changes and updates! With his help we have been able to create a high quality, professional standard annual review document that will help us to engage donors with our work in Kenya. I can not recommend James highly enough and would suggest anyone looking for a graphic designer gets in touch with him immediately!
Team Kenya

Barbara Coleman

Barbara has spent an enormous amount of time developing a comprehensive marketing strategy and tactics plan for the RSPCA Stafford, Wolverhampton and District Branch and we are immensely grateful to her.

She has given us valuable advice, investing a considerable amount of time in our cause and we hope to continue benefiting from her expertise in the future.

Thank you Barbara and thank you Pimp My Cause for providing this inspirational forum.
RSPCA Stafford, Wolverhampton & District

Barbara has invested a great deal of time and effort into helping the SOS Africa Charity develop its website (www.sosafrica.com) to both increase its overall ranking on Google and develop its layout to be more appealing to perspective sponsors.

She has also assisted us with the development of our Facebook and Twitter pages, to increase our followers and successfully direct them to the SOS Africa website.

We would like to thank Barbara for her continued time and support.
SOS Africa

David Burns

David worked with us to produce a short video to help us show the impact of our Telephone Communities on lonely and isolated older people. He was brilliant to work with and got things done quickly and professionally. Thanks to David for helping us to produce something we couldn't have done otherwise.
Community Network

International Refugee Trust needed a video to explain and promote our new StepUp programme in Uganda. We had some interview footage but that was it.

David did a truly amazing job creating a positive and authentic feeling video for StepUp. We especially love the textured animations which set it appoint from the standard international development video format.

Here's it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niA12yA_chk&list=UU1CC482QclPZT7YOAyqpLBA

He really is a star volunteer and visionary creative. We will definitely be working with him again.
International Refugee Trust

Paul Skinner

I suspect that without Paul there would be no Pimp My Cause.

Not only is Paul the driving force behind this fantastic online platform, but also, in our experience, a constant source of support to the organizations and individuals making use of Pimp My Cause. His openness and generosity embody the spirit of co-operation that this website is founded on.

On behalf of Upbeat and Samrong Farm, and no doubt many other causes, I’d like to nominate Paul for sharing his contacts and providing such great opportunities for us to benefit from his brilliant idea. Thank you.

Samrong Farm Orphanage

As the founder of Pimp my Cause, Paul clearly practices what he preaches: he is extremely generous with his time, contacts and ideas and is helping us in numerous ways, from publicising our campaign amongst his colleagues and friends to suggesting ways to engage possible large-scale partners. Furthermore, his tip of gaining 20% more support everyday has become a mantra to me.

Paul, you are a true inspiration! Thank you for supporting us and providing a platform to support so many other causes.

Talk to me London

Marcus Marritt

When Upbeat approached Zabisco for some advice on website content and social media presence, Marcus was on hand to provide valuable insight and information.

We have already benefitted from a conference call and Marcus has offered to act as an ongoing consultant to Upbeat on social media matters over the coming months.

I therefore nominate Marcus for giving his time and expertise to our cause.
Samrong Farm Orphanage

Marcus immediately understood the concept of Talk to me London, and gave valuable advice and detailed feedback about our website, social media strategy and other methods to engage people and build up buzz around our campaign. His ideas provided solutions to several of the questions that we had been mulling over for a long time.

Marcus is definitely an asset to Pimp my Cause and we look forward to working with him further in future.
Talk to me London

Dunstan Tough

For Helping www.skybadger.co.uk come to the rescue!

Dunstan has whipped our GoogeAds into shape. He's used his magic know-how to make a huge difference to engagement, structure and number of hits we get. We can now reach even more families with disabled children and find them the help and adventure that they need.
Dunstan - you are a Sky Badger Superhero!
Sky Badger

Ed Kemp

Ed has answered the call of Upbeat in offering to produce a new website for the charity.

Not only has Ed donated his own considerable skills as an information architect but also joined forces with his friend and collaborator, Rob Porter, to ensure that Upbeat gets a site designed to suit its needs. We look forward to collaborating over the coming months.

This nomination is for much appreciated advice and support given to date.
Samrong Farm Orphanage

Claire Hope

Claire is fantastic at giving advice on events and PR, the knowledge she shared was invaluable. Her little pearls of wisdom are clearly well informed. She has been extremely supportive and her creativity shines through. She is compassionate and caring and the investment of her time has been amazing. Thank you Claire!!
Incredible Brilliant Youth

Sophie Brown

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Sophie; her efficiency, clarity of thought, design and organizational skills have been an amazing asset to Pimp My Cause. We are very grateful for her support and lucky to have her as our Collaborate Design Advisor.

Our website is becoming an increasingly substantial operation to manage and develop, and Sophie has worked tirelessly with her partner Adrian to help us get to the next level of usability and engagement. Sophie's background in both design and innovation are a perfect combination for helping us to develop and improve our user experience, and to start planning longer term innovation to find new ways to bring the marketing profession and the voluntary and social innovation sectors together.
Pimp My Cause

James Firminger

James is the developer for the Pimp my Cause website and I hope his talent thereby speaks for itself.

I can also add that he never once hesitated to go out of his way to make this the best site it can be. Anyone who uses the site will benefit from the ease of usability and reliability of platform he has helped provide and we appreciate it greatly.

The world needs more developers who care about the end users as much as James does.
Paul Skinner

Trevor Isherwood

As a very small charity, Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary needed to find help to use our website more effectively and create a logo. Trevor at Redpine, responded immediately to our advert and within days, had sent us a presentation and some sample logos. Trevor has understood our ethos and provided us with a myriad of ideas on how to move our charity forward as well as designing a logo.
Trevor is enthusiastic for our cause and given us the support and confidence to move forward and take our charity to the next level.
We would like to thank Trevor very much for all he is doing for us and would highly recommend him to any charity lucky enough to work with him in the future.
Sharon and Jimmy Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary
Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary

jason staniforth

We greatly appreciates the advice and inspiration Jason has given the Pimp My Cause team regarding the implementation of our social media strategy.

He is keeping us up to date on the latest tools and trends and has been looking over our shoulders as we implement them.
Anna Mullenneaux

Adrian West

We are very lucky to have Adrian as our Collaborative Design Advisor! He has been an enormously important addition to the Pimp My Cause team. He has an amazing background in both computer science and psychology which makes him an ideal person to help us develop the PMC platform and organize our thoughts for future initiatives.

Adrian has worked relentlessly with his partner Sophie to improve our site functioning, writing hundreds and hundreds of lines of code, developing our new message system, and working on the creation of our upcoming geographic search function, as well as making dozens of individually small changes that collectively make a substantial difference to the usability of our platform and hence make it easier for our marketers to support our causes, and for our causes to support their beneficiaries.
Pimp My Cause

brian roberts

I want to extend my upmost gratitude and appreciation for Brian and his company for helping us with designing our logo. I was very logo illiterate with a lot of questions but with a clear vision of how I wanted the logo to look and he was able to design the logo to my fit my vision exactly! It came out perfect and I am so proud of it along with our board and my twins (who the logo actually looks like my son).
He was very professional, responsive, articulate, patient and I couldn't have asked for a better first experience on Pimp My Cause. I would highly recommend him and using Pimp My Cause for any charitable design needs.
Thank you to Pimp My Cause for offering this service and to Brian and Us-Now for offering to design our logo for us and doing an absolute fantastic time!


Tiffany Keller
Founder & President
The Sunshine Network
The Sunshine Network


aladin is a very special addition to our team. He is acting as pro bono Strategic Counsel to Pimp My Cause, drawing on his unparalleled talent, deep experience and stratospheric network to help us fulfill the mission of providing free transformational marketing to great causes all over the world.

And innovators don’t come much more transformational than aladin. His accomplishments include leading the development of the first integrated strategic plan for the culture, media, sports, arts, heritage and tourism of a capital city (as Co-Chair of the Cultural Strategy Group at London’s City Hall, 200-4); advising on the debt re-scheduling of Brazil and Mexico; and establishing youth and community development processes on housing estates in Peckham/ Camberwell (London), in parallel with estates in Paillade/ Montpellier (France). Such is the diversity of his boundary-crossing experience that no short biography can really do him justice – he is one of the great civil society leaders of our time.

aladin is also and perhaps even more importantly one of the kindest people we have met, and his insights and support will help us rapidly scale new heights that simply would not be possible without him.
Paul Skinner

Naomi Urch

Naomi helped us design our Annual Report this year. We are a small charity based in Holborn (www.holborncommunity.co.uk) and with no funding towards design we came to Pimp My Cause.

Naomi responded and was brilliant! Her communication with us was always excellent, she understood our organisation, she listened to our needs and our suggestions as well as showing patience when these changed (a few times!).

Big thanks to Pimp My Cause and especially Naomi Urch! We'd highly recommend her!
Holborn Community Association

David Smith

We are a small children's disability charity and are in the midst of launching a new product but we needed help, and fast, to create a professional and smart information folder for all the exhibitions we were about to attend. We contacted David and were overwhelmed with his knowledge and efficiency. David followed our brief perfectly and designed three different Information folders for us to choose from. It was only a couple of weeks from contacting David to having our printed Information Folder ready. He was a pleasure to work with, so helpful and creative. Thank you David, we hope to stay in touch and use your skills and knowledge another time!

Alex Epstein

We are proud to have Alex as a Marketing Ambassador for Pimp My Cause.

Alex took an interest in Pimp My Cause even before it was launched, and is kindly using his creativity and expertise to help us make a rapid breakthrough into broad awareness among the marketing community.

Alex has developed a substantial network through his participation in the BBC’s Apprentice and through his work as a brand consultant and is leveraging that network to gain further support for our mission to make great marketing available for free to the most worthwhile causes.

Alex is also officially the first Pimp My Cause volunteer marketer to help one of our member causes, having already begun an exciting piece of brand development work for UK Youth, an organization that helps 750, 000 young people in the UK every year to fulfill their potential.

Paul Skinner

Sevil Ozer Crespo

Sevil and Maverick Digital have done some absolutely incredible work for Africa on the Ball. The company built us a completely new website and online home for our organisation (www.africaontheball.org) which will go a huge way to help the sustainability and growth of our work in Africa. They gave us so much in terms of time, advice and quality. We owe all the team, and especially Sevil and a huge amount - their professionalism was incredible and their skill is there for everyone to see.
Africa on the Ball

Kathryn Liston

Kathryn has started to redesign and rebrand the marketing material for Samrong Farm Orphanage having spotted our help wanted ad on this site.

Not only is Kathryn brilliantly pro-active but she also has some great ideas for creating eye-catching marketing material.

I'd like to thank Kathryn for her help so far and look forward to continuing to work together in the coming weeks.
Samrong Farm Orphanage

Andrew Nixon-King

Andy has created a great website for WISE UP which we are very happy with. Andy was helpful throughout the design process and was in touch throughout the process. We hope now we have a website up and running more people will find us. Thanks Andy ;)
WISE UP Workshops

Rachelle Gaskell

Rachelle was the first person we contacted about the opportunity to act as a marketing advisor at the Shine Unconference. She readily accepted and took charge of writing up the findings from the event for the benefit of our members (available in the NEWS section). Rachelle shared her vast experience and understanding of marketings with the social entrepreneurs competing for the UnLtd funding award at the unconference. The Pimp My Cause team along with UnLtd and the social entrepreneurs from the event greatly appreciated Rachelle's advice and support.
Pimp My Cause

Kay Wood

Kay did a fantastic technical graphic for our small charity to use on the new website we are designing.

Hughes syndrome is a blood clotting disorder that can affect any part of the body, so we wanted to have a clear image to show patient possible danger areas.

Kay came to our rescue and produced a brilliant, clear graphic which our web designers are very happy to use. She also did it in record time and I feel a bit guilty that we won't be in a position to use it until the website launch in autumn.

Our charity and, no doubt, patients in the future are truly grateful for Kay's expertise and time - thank you :)
Hughes Syndrome Foundation

Anna Mullenneaux

Anna has donated a massive amount of time and talent to getting Pimp My Cause off the ground. If you love the myriad of causes that have already signed up to the site, then you have Anna to thank for recruiting the vast majority of them. She is also showing a real passion for supporting new users of the site and helping people to get the most out of the platform. She plays an active part in every creative decision. If it weren’t for Anna, it is difficult to see how Pimp My Cause could have come into being.
Paul Skinner

Bek Cruddace

Bek created a fantastic website for MumsAid which we are very happy with and which has had great feedback from users and colleagues. Bek was incredibly helpful throughout the design process. She made useful suggestions, translated everything into non techy language and was very patient with all requests for tweaks. She also managed to deliver the finished working design in an impressively quick time frame! With our new website in place we now feel more confident in approaching funders and commissioners to seek funding to develop our work.

Sotiria Vargemezi

her and the husband Theo did a great job for my organization...they are two wonderful people from the other side of the world helping people all over from all walks of life, Thank God for blessing them with such a BIG heart for others less fortunate...Thanks so much from www.clubkids414.org


Marco Scarola

UnLtd asked Pimp My Cause to pull together a marketing clinic to support social entrepreneurs competing to win an UnLtd funding award at the Shine Unconference and Marco very helpfully took on this challenge. Marco has a breadth of communications, marketing strategy, digital and direct marketing, information design and public relations expertise and we greatly appreciate him taking the time to share that expertise with the social entrepreneurs at the Shine Unconference last week.
Pimp My Cause

Emma Nutbeem

A big "Thank you!" to Emma who pulled together what in everyone's opinion our most stylish Annual Report to date.She is extremely creative with great visual and technical sensibility. It was so good working with Emma.

Thanks once again for the brilliant work
Holborn Community Association

Emma Conway

A few months ago SOS Africa contacted Pimp My Cause because we needed help promoting our first official charity video (http://www.sosafrica.com/news.htm?id=162). Because SOS Africa is a predominantly volunteer-run charity which guarantees that all donated funds are invested in the education and care of the children we support, we have very little funding available to cover marketing expenses and promote our video.

Pimp My Cause then put us in contact with Emma Conway. Within a few days Emma drew up a comprehensive plan of action, including using social media sites, social book marking, YouTube, sending newsletters, press releases and tailoring our website. Emma invested a substantial amount of time and energy into helping us promote our video. Thanks to her help, the launching of the video was a great success and gained us a great deal of coverage and consequently a significant increase in funding/donations.

SOS Africa would like to thank Emma for her enthusiasm, energy, kindness and support!

SOS Africa

Jeanette Clement

Anyone reading this is already familiar with Jeanette's work as she contributed the graphic design of the Pimp my Cause website.

We love the logo, we love the layout and we love the page design.

We are really lucky to have found her, appreciate her efforts and look forward to seeing her designs appear in more and more prominent places as her career undoubtedly skyrockets!
Paul Skinner