John Griffith

Personal Introduction:


I'm a freelance consultant specialising in the use of Video in Social Media.  I plan, shoot, edit and distribute short videos on almost any subject.  Having set up and run my own social network for runners in the past I have got to know many charities involved in sport for fundraising. I can help and advise on all aspects of social media and the role of video as a medium. 


Watford area



Social Media Consultant and Video Producer/Editor


Im a psychology graduate, I have a diploma in marketing, I am a self-taught video camerman and I edit on Premier Pro.


I spent the early part of my career in advertising and design and the latter part in technology companies most recently social media.  I have been a freelance consultant for the last ten years advising small and medium sized companies and non-profits on all aspects of business development.  I set up and managed my own social network for runners in 2008 and sold that in 2011.  I started shooting digital videos a few years ago and put together a home editing studio.  Since then I've shot celeb and fundraiser interviews, events, products and a few mini-documentaries.

Skills offered:

Business Development
Social Media Marketing