matt tutt

Personal Introduction:

My name is Matt Tutt and I´m a digital marketing professional currently based in Bournemouth, England. I work for my own digital marketing agency (Matt Tutt Digital Marketing) which is a certified Google Partner, and I'm always on the lookout for worthy causes to help.

I studied marine conservation at Plymouth University and I'm very keen to help out with any conservation based organisations around the world. I love learning about new projects and helping them to maximise their web presence, and am interested in a variety of conservation issues.

My main online marketing skills include PPC advertising (Google AdWords and Bing), SEO (search engine optimisation) social media marketing and web design. I can also help creating and running CMS websites like Wordpress, and integrating ecommerce systems to enable you to generate revenue from your website. I have Google Analytics skills too, using this tool to monitor and track website performance, reviewing and ascertaining KPI's.


Bournemouth, United Kingdom



SEO & PPC Specialist


FdSc in Marine Conservation.

Google Partners qualification.

Google Adwords Search qualification.

Google Adwords Display qualification.



I have 8 years experience of general all-round Internet marketing. I've got experience of running a network of successful websites and blogs, which I've developed and designed and have optimised for the search engines. 

My main skill is SEO - or search engine optimization. I know how to get more traffic to websites, and how to use social media to help websites too - I've lots of experience with Facebook and Twitter and integrating them with websites.

I've got a lot of PPC knowledge, specifically using Google AdWords, building and managing PPC campaigns to bring in traffic to various websites. If you have a budget and want to make use of PPC then I can definitely help you good quality, targetted traffic. 

In my previous role where I worked for a digital marketing agency in Dublin I was managing PPC campaigns for a variety of clients, on both Google and Bing. I was running Search, Display, Remarketing and Video campaigns as well as various other campaigns.

I've worked on websites for other college projects, and local charities, and would love to be able to continue this work.

Skills offered:

Social Media Marketing