Personal Introduction:

aladin practises as a consultant and catalyst across fields and disciplines, developing processes and methodologies fundamental to a resilient, self-sustaining civil society. In 2011 he provided strategic counsel to a range of collaborators, including: Fogo Island Arts Corporation, 'The Changing Room: Arab Praxis and Times'/Venice Biennale 2011 Parallel Project; Borkowksi.Do; amongst others.

" is a blindingly effective way for practitioners to band together to create outcomes and benefits which impact beyond their own, immediate stake-holdings. At the heart of the approach is a knowledge culture that is constantly built and re-built as each partner shares and acquires expertise and experience, thereby forging new possibilities and approaches. Of course I wish to play my part in all this - an enterprise which enables all of us to be winners, without needing to give up our core concerns. I admire the vision and competency of Paul Skinner, Pimpymycause's Founder/Director, and have agreed to provide him and the cause with strategic counsel on an indefinite basis."

"Throw": Portrait of aladin:by Ian Greaves @ BigBlueWorld 2011. Creative Commons - may freely be used with attribution.





Strategic counsel


B.Sc. Econ. (Hons.) Economics and International Relations, London School of Economics

Advanced Post Graduate Research, Economics and International Relations, London School of Economics (Commonwealth Fellowship)

Various short courses in Counselling, Groupwork, Psychotherapy and Brief Intervention (Goldsmiths College, Institute for Psychosynthesis etc.)


aladin has led on the development of the world's first integrated strategic plan for the culture, media, sport, arts, heritage and tourism of a capital city [as Co-Chair of the Cultural Strategy Group at London's City Hall 2000-4], advised on the debt reschedulings of Brazil and Mexico, set up youth and community development processes on housing estates in Peckham/Camberwell (London) in parallel with housing estates in La Paillade/Montpelier (France) - and has directed and realised creative interventions on sites ranging from the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London) to non-sanctioned spaces (also in collaboration with the unconventional homelessness action projects Cardboard Citizens and CRISIS). Details at

Skills offered:

Strategic Marketing
Business Development
Concept Development