jason staniforth

Personal Introduction:

My name is Jason Staniforth and I can part waters, some would suggest it must be down to god-like capabilities but others would say it's down to my determination, ability to pursue a task and my want to work innovatively.


- Online and Social Media Marketing

●November 2010 - Present - Currently volunteer as a Youth Justice Mentor in Leicestershire

●I am heavily into contributive learning, I feel that knowledge sharing and expertise exchanges are the key to being up to date with the best in the industry.

●My aim is to become a source of that information.


☛ All you have to do is connect and ask, I'll help if I can







Marketing Executive


Studying for a Diploma in Social Media Marketing in my own time currently.
I have a BSc in Social Sciences Psychology
4 Alevels at A, B, C and D
and 12 GCSE's all A-C
I further have my bronze duke of Edinburgh award


Marketing Executive focusing particularly on Social Media with a wealth of experience into new methods of online presence creation.
I am self taught but currently studying for my Diploma in Social Media Marketing.

A punctual and persistent sales and marketing individual, with evidence of hard work and the ability to follow tasks through to the end via educational achievements.

An extensive sales background with consistently high sales figures, being highlighted as having the most potential for the coming year with Precision, and also being the highest achiever (Hadenglen Plc).

Due to experiences in the Air Training Corps and from my Psychology degree, I am known to be a leader and a person of understanding and genuine care for others. Money is a key motivational factor in any role that I pursue, but equally is success, personal progression and development.

I volunteer for the youth Justice system to help Children who are making the wrong life decisions to get back on track and regain a positive control on thier lives.

●Jason Staniforth BSc Psycholgy (Social Sciences)

Skills offered:

Social Media Marketing