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Moseley Alternative Giving Campaign
Help Wanted Details:

Our organisation aims to help the vulnerable people in the areas of Moseley & Kings Heath in South Birmingham by providing grants to help them move forward in their lives.  This may be for college courses, clothing, bus passes, household items etc.  Grants are up to £100 and our panel reviews applications, which must be submitted via a key Worker, and awards are then made. 

Our organisation is currently run solely by volunteers; none of whom, sadly, have the skills to create a functioing website.  We have a blog on Word Press - - but really need our own website to promote our Charity and to attract further funding enabling us to grow into a larger more operational organisation.

We would also like to be able to promote our scheme further to enable more applicants to come forward and to raise our profile with Key Workers within the Third Sector and Voluntary Agencies via marketing materials. 

Ideally we would like support in all of the above mentioned areas to enable us to take this small volunteer led organisation forward.  We rely heavily on the kindness of local businesses for meeting rooms, we meeting infrequently as most of our volunteers also work full time and we could make more of a difference if we had some support in these areas.

We would, ideally, like to be able to do more to help those currently on the streets of South Birmingham but our resources are currently restricted to those with a Key Worker.  We have close connections with Police and local Support Agencies and so do what we can to get support to those living rough but we would like to be able to employ a Worker to work more closely in the area to build relationships with the people in the area to bridge the gap and help them to better engage with support, to minimise the harm they could do to themselves via substance misuse and to support them to find stable accommodation. 

We are all extremely passionate about our organisation and see that if we had such support we could increase our cpacity to help more vulnerable people.

Skill Required: PR
Advert Created: 31 Aug 2017
Help wanted deadline: 31 Dec 2017