Marketing for the environment?

Get Out Expeditions
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We are starting a new social enterprise that will get young people from disadvantaged backgrounds outdoors. 


After a career in environmental protection, I am confident that one of the greatest ways we can achieve better environmental protection is by ensuring young people grow up with a connection to the outdoor world. We only protect what we love, right?


This start up with connect daily and common environmental issues from the lives of young people to the outdoor world whilst using adventure education as a key medium. An example of this will be our plastic campaign that will teach about plastic in our oceans and everyday life in both London and while surfing in Cornwall and collecting plastic from beaches and waterways. All in a fun environment where young people get to love the outdoor world. 

We are confident our program with enrich peoples lives and help protect our world. We are not confident we have the marketing skills and business development to achieve a great brand and do everything we can to get noticed and look great. Please get in contact if you can and want to help with the latter. 



Skill Required: Marketing
Advert Created: 12 Sep 2017
Help wanted deadline: 31 Oct 2017