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Attending school is not a priority for most underprivileged children growing up in developing countries. Many parents cannot afford basic food supplies to feed their families, therefore children spend their days looking for food on the streets rather than attending school and developing an education. Many schools are formed in the slums to try and get these children into some sort of basic education, but they receive little help and funding so they struggle to provide the children with food and educational materials. “Our mission is to provide food and educational materials in order to ensure school children in the slums of Africa are able to reach their full potential.” The Foundation’s main aims are: 1. Support underprivileged children in Africa to receive a basic education 2. Ensure these children have the tools required to receive an education 3. Ensure these children are healthy

Can you help a small charity feed more kids in Kenya? Website and Social Media marketing support

Sep 12, 2019

My name is Shez and I started my charity, Nia, 10 years ago. I feed and educate 765 kids in the slums of the Kenyan slums. I run the charity voluntarily in the evenings and weekends around my full time work. I really need support in keeping my social media and website up to date with relevant posts and help drive people to our website. I know how important social media is these days and I am not very good at keeping it fresh and new. I really need someone to take on the project of marketing my charity and getting more support via social media campaigns. I need someone to review my website and social media accounts and provide ways in which we can improve. I need someone to support me in this for the next 1 year as a minimum so there is continuity throughout the website/social media.


Nia Children's Foundation

Skills Required

  • Web Development
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Posted on Aug 16, 2019


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