To raise both money and awareness about and for these causes that the organisations work for. How many school fees for children who can't afford it can a single used couch contribute to? How many trees can a used bike plant?

Copy Writing Genius Wanted

Sep 01, 2014

We need help desperately as our project has just been selected for The Summit - Dublin. This is the largest tech event in europe. With 20K attendees from 96 countries.We are nearly ready to launch phase one of Ododow - The Interactive Community Map that will pin-point Charities, Non-Profits and Community Projects and we NEED HELP.As you can tell from this request my skills for sumarising and getting to the point are nil!We need help with the attention grabbing copy for the essential pages on the website, we need short - descriptions that lets people know what Ododow can and will do for them.We need people to stay long enough to see and find the value in this service - heck if you can go to google maps and find a hotel or restaurant anywhere in the UK then why isn't there a map to find the places where people can get help, find where to help etc? Well Ododow is it and we now need to fill the map with those crucial pin-points and we need you help to do that.We have no budget - but in return we will add you to the website as one of our supporters with a link to your website. We believe in creating Win-Win-Win outcomes. 



Skills Required

  • Strategic Marketing

Posted on Aug 11, 2014


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