Who we are

Pimp My Cause is a web based platform that was created in 2011 by Paul Skinner and Anna Mullenneaux to bring good causes in need of professional marketing support together with professional experts able to contribute their expertise pro bono. In 2020 Paul and Anna created the MarketingKind membership community, which now owns and runs the Pimp My Cause platform. The work of MarketingKind extends the impacts of the Pimp My Cause platform by hosting outcome-oriented events and activities to bring marketers and good causes together to learn from and support each other.

The Pimp My Cause platform works a bit like an online dating agency for great causes to meet talented professionals to help support them. Whether you are a marketing professional looking to donate your expertise to a good cause, apply your skills in a new sector, enjoy a new challenge or enhance the reputation of your business, Pimp my Cause puts highly rewarding challenges within a click of your mouse.

And if you run a social enterprise, charity, NGO or citizen organization looking to address a social or environmental need, then you will find marketing professionals, including innovators, strategists, communications specialists, or graphic designers who will help you build the future you envision.

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