Merry Moos Farm Project CIC

The aim is to help with people's well-being mental health and social isolation issues We also believe in social prescription whereby the individual with mild depression can get a prescription to spend time in an outdoor environment helping with their wellbeing Mental health can affect anyone at any time it’s not like having a broken bone where people can see that, People don’t like to admit they are suffering from mental health until it is sometimes too late The CIC farm project aims to provide activities to benefit Ex-service personnel that have fought for this country and have unfortunately suffered from mental and physical well-being issues. Older adults 60 -85 plus, which people consider to have no useful purpose and adults with physical and/or learning disabilities and people on low incomes. All these people can achieve something if given the right opportunity, The type of activities that would be provided would be Creating a medium-size market garden from the start, with Poly-tunnels, and also above-ground planters, for those that have any type of disability, and the older age range that might have difficulty bending down. We would hope to create a large animal sanctuary onsite which could range from some donkeys pig’s goat’s chickens some horses getting the clients to engage with them can have a huge calming effect on their well-being as it has been well documented. The individual can be having the worst day of the week until they start to handle the animals they have this natural sense of empathy. Animals only understand love, care and being fed, and the world would be a nicer place if we adopted those principles. A number of Jersey cows would be kept for milking. This would allow the clients to take part in this and give everyone that wants to have a hands-on experience there would also be an opportunity of getting involved at every stage of the process of creating bars of soap from the milk and sold commercial and the money reinvested back into the project. Cheese would also, be created, unique to the farm, and again the clients can follow the process from milking to producing the cheese, Along with other activities. We would also bring some beehives to assist in the decline of the bee population and look at environmental schemes for the farm. I have had a number of conversations with the various organisations one was called Jets (Seetec pluss) they help people back into either self-employed or employed they thought it was a fantastic project once it was up and running it would help their adults with learning difficulties that they work with. I have also had a conversation with prama life they support older adults in east Dorset Christchurch Bournemouth again they think it is a marvellous project and once up and running would ref their clients to the project. I’m also getting people wanting to volunteer to come on and help so far, I have a lady that works for C A B a nurse support worker and an owner of a hairdresser. People believe in this project. More recently, I have additionally engaged a small team of volunteers to assist with social media and marketing for Merry Moos. We have just got to get there and raise the capital first The project was created last year through a bump in my life. I do have 35 years of experience as a female farmer.

Social media Marketing

Jul 31, 2022

We are looking for a talented social media marketing person who can increase our profile over the various platforms we use to increase our audience. giving the project a greater reach to engage with people.


Merry Moos Farm Project CIC

Skills Required

  • Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Networking
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Photography

Posted on Jun 20, 2022


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