Street Storage

Street Storage is the only UK charity that provides free, accessible and safe storage to people experiencing homelessness. Where would you keep everything you owned if you had to sleep outside? Every week, we at Street Storage hear horror stories of people’s belongings being vandalised, burnt, stolen, urinated on or lost. Street Storage started small because there was a need. As the need and demand for our service has increased, we have adapted and grown. We continue to adapt and grow to serve more and more of our community on the street.

Volunteer Web Developer

Nov 25, 2022

We at Street Storage are looking for a volunteer Web Developer to help us connect our website forms to our CRM and speed up our processes. We are a small charity but we are growing really fast - we would like someone who is invested in what we do and therefore wants to come on board to support us. Web developer must have knowledge and understanding of Salesforce Forms with Squarespace


Street Storage

Skills Required

  • Web Development

Posted on Oct 25, 2022


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