Neno Macadamia Trust

Neno Macadamia Trust (NMT) combines grass-roots agricultural development with a proprietary carbon certification process to sustainably improve the environment and the resilience of the people of Malawi, Africa. We directly create, support and engage with cooperatives and farmer groups to build out their business capability, family food and income security. We take a systematic approach whose benefits compound and reinforce each other over time while also making a difference today.

Trustee/Volunteer - Marketing/Communications

Dec 31, 2022

NMT builds on the intergenerational experience of the Emmott family’s work with smallholder farmers in Malawi which dates back to the 1950’s. In the past 30 years the focus of this work shifted to the introduction of macadamia to the smallholder farmers. We have been building deep roots and experience in partnership with the farmers, their community business centres, district level primary cooperatives and cooperative union HIMACUL. Our Chair has expertise in international development through smallholder agribusiness, value chain development and applied research focused on Malawi, macadamia and groundnuts. He works closely with UK academics as the industrial supervisor to MSc and PhD students undertaking research to further our work in Malawi. The four other Trustees have experience that spans advanced physics research and coding, finance and investment management, charity giving and entrepreneurial business start-ups among other things. We are now at an interesting juncture. We are looking to add 2-3 new trustees to round out the experience of our existing trustees and take ownership of certain aspects of our work as we look to scale up the impact of our Climate Smart Macadamia Agroforestry (CSMA) projects. For much of NMTs existence our work has focused on a small number of key partners in the UK and in Malawi. Our outreach and communications is therefore at a more embryonic stage. We are looking for a Trustee to take our communication strategy in hand. The priorities are as follows: We have strong individual connections with such partners as Open University, Profs Who Fly, Imperial College, University of North Carolina, Clinton Development Initiative, Orbis Expeditions, Christchurch Bedford, Liberation Foods and Nutcellars as well as a growing supporter base. We would like to build out our capabilities and library of think pieces, blogs, social media and web profile to increase engagement with our current and existing supporters and more effectively advocate our approach. Our current reach is small although a number of our partners are large and willing to help magnify our messages to the wider public and the press. We expect our carbon certificate capacity to multiply several-fold in the next two to three years, need to have ever greater ability to articulate and share our message and an ever more professional approach to communications with purchasers of our carbon certificates. In particular our approach has a number of excellent advantages. The annual community led surveys builds capacity in remote areas of Malawi through a GPS enabled mobile phone system. It provides an intimate connection from farmers and trees in the most rural parts of Malawi all the way through to buyers in the UK. We have the ability to show GPS located satellite pictures of the trees, photos of trees from the surveys and further contextual information. We have not yet capitalised on this aspect and defining the brand and messaging around the carbon to bring this story to life will be a focus for this Trustee’s role.


Neno Macadamia Trust

Skills Required

  • Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Concept Development
  • Customer Insight
  • Branding

Posted on Nov 12, 2022


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