The Wellness Tribe CIC

The Wellness Tribe CIC is a grassroot non-profit Organisation working in the UK and Africa as a first point of contact for families and individuals experiencing, or at high risk of experiencing mental health issues, because of social and personal factors such as refugee and asylum experiences, racial traumas, poverty, lack of skills, language barriers, health, and economic inequalities, including unemployment and poor housing.

Help us help close the need gap in the UK and developing countries

Dec 31, 2023

Hi :) I hope you are all well :) We need your precious help to assist us in growing our resources and coorporate partnerships, so we can help close the need gap in the UK and in developing countries. All skills are welcome! Fundraising experts, concept develop, Business developers, PR, branding, Graphic designers, Network, marketing,videography, strategic marketing, Web development, advertisement, SEO, social media marketing, costumer insight, photography. Thank you!! I look forward to hearing from you! Warm regards.


The Wellness Tribe CIC

Skills Required

  • Web Development
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Seo
  • Business Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Networking
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Concept Development
  • Pr
  • Customer Insight
  • Branding
  • Photography
  • Videography

Posted on Feb 05, 2023


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