At Respected, we believe that each student is a unique and valuable individual, capable of making healthy decisions when adequately informed and supported. We also believe that everybody deserves healthy and fulfilling relationships. Our programme aims to equip young people with the information they need to make healthy and well informed decisions in this vital area of their lives. We provide engaging, age-appropriate, online resources for teachers to deliver Relationships & Sex Education in secondary schools in the UK. The resources are video-based with full teacher notes alongside & ready for teachers to use 'off the shelf'. We currently only charge £20 a year for full access to these resources. We need assistance in getting as many schools as possible to know about us & to sign up for our resources.

Digital Marketing assistance for a small education charity

Sep 29, 2023

We have a strong brand & ethos & a great product but not enough schools know about us. We provide 'off the shelf' lesson resources for teachers to use to deliver high quality Relationships & Sex Education. We need someone to assist us in creating engaging content for our social media platforms (FB/IG) and help us reach our target audience.



Skills Required

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing

Posted on Sep 01, 2023


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