We believe everyone deserves a place in their community and this is the place to be.Through the vehicle of an inclusive community cafe, we will support vulnerable and disadvantaged young people aged 16-24 to reach their potential, increase their confidence and improve their skills. They will be helped through paid work, education and any other necessary support so that they can move on to fulfilling and happy working and private lives.

How do we know what donors want to give to ?

Nov 30, 2014

Your insight into the minds and motivations of potential donors will help us combat child poverty in Nepal.Providing writing resources to 3,000 of the most deprived children in Nepal is the first step we have taken to improve literacy levels and reduce drop out rates in primary schools.We are currently developing our next two phases of the programme; providing reading books and examining how we can help teachers to improve their skills.Can you help us interpret this programme in ways which will attract donors.

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Skills Required

  • Customer Insight

Posted on Jan 08, 2013


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