A Frontera London revamp for Leukaemia UK

Posted on Feb 26, 2018

A Frontera London revamp for Leukaemia UK News Post Image


Last year’s Pip Award for young talent has led to a brilliant re-brand for the Elimination of Leukaemia Fund (ELF), which from November 1st will be known as Leukaemia UK.

It’s almost time for the 2017 IPA Best of Health Awards, so we took the opportunity to catch up with Angela Smith-Morgan, CEO of Leukaemia UK, to find out how participating in the IPA’s Pip Award has changed their charity over the last year.

All three 2016 Pip Award finalist produced incredible campaign ideas for helping ELF to engage more support for their new Mind and Body team. And after last year’s ceremony the team from Frontera London was enthusiastic about helping the charity to give their brand and marketing a complete makeover in order to maximise their ability to promote all of their services.

Over the last several months Frontera London has been helping Angela and her team to rebrand their charity, develop their communications strategy and plan their new website.

They now have a new name, logo and strapline that are clear and easy to use. And that will make it simpler for people to know who they are, understand what they do and get involved.

We asked Angela about their experience working with Frontera, she said, ‘Working with Frontera has been transformational for our charity. Their ideas, enthusiasm for our cause, and brilliant creative talent has enabled us to completely reinvent our messaging.  It has been like having a turbo-booster in our back pocket, nothing has been too much trouble, right down to doing our new headed notepaper for us! They have juggled their work for us into their free time and have re-engineered their original campaign idea as our Mind and Body service has evolved. We are so excited about launching the campaign and are completely driven to do justice to it – it is the only way we can repay them!’

With all of their new marketing assets in place Leukaemia UK feels hugely excited about the upcoming launch of their Mind and Body service in January. This service, which will be run in conjunction with King’s College Hospital London, will help people affected by blood cancer to deal with the mental and emotional stress caused by their conditions, and evaluate the difference this greater support has on their speed of recovery. 

The team from Frontera London have further developed their award-winning campaign idea, called The White Cell, for the launch of the Mind and Body team at Kings and we look forward to sharing the details when it goes live in January.

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