Interested in workplace wellbeing and human friendly business?

Posted on Mar 06, 2018

Interested in workplace wellbeing and human friendly business? News Post Image


John Grant is an author and marketer and most importantly a member and supporter of Pimp My Cause!

His new book Better is about the shift in the culture of business, with a growing recognition that the primary purpose of an organisation is to be human friendly and support the wellbeing of people (whether employees, customers or communities). It explores this development through trends, research and case studies that show how attitudes to wellbeing are changing and how this is being applied to workplace, brands, sustainability and innovation. 

Would you like to attend the Better book launch?

The book launch for Better is taking place in London on the evening of March 21st and John is inviting 10 Pimp My Cause members to join him on the night.

John says, ‘Come and experience the new wave of wellbeing in business. I’ll be answering questions and there will be an opportunity to network with innovators and entrepreneurs in wellbeing. There will also be popup experiences; from mindfulness, to exercise, to nutrition and smart wellness apps to inspire you to bring this new wave of wellbeing to your organisation’.

Email if you are interested in attending the Better book launch.

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