Changing climate education in the UK

Posted on Aug 12, 2022

Changing climate education in the UK News Post Image


How can we help our children overcome climate anxiety and become the sustainable leaders of tomorrow?

MarketingKind volunteers have been working with Heena Dave, Curriculum Designer at Teachers Development Trust, and Dr Leigh Hoath, Senior Professional Practice Fellow, School of Teacher Education at Leeds Trinity University, to promote a more evidence-based approach to sustainability and climate change education.

Transforming climate change education in the UK is an enormous task, but now is the time to do it.

According to the IPCC global warming is contributing to the increasingly irreversible destruction of our biodiversity and ecosystems. It is having an impact on all life on earth right now. At the same time children and young people are demanding to be equipped with the knowledge and skills that will allow them to reduce their impact on the planet in their lifetime and adapt to the changing world that we will leave behind.

This is too big an issue to be treated as it is in many schools as a side project or something that is mentioned only in specific subjects. Students need to be able to understand how climate change will affect their current and future lives as a whole and need to be able to address and alleviate issues such as climate anxiety. 

Heena and Leigh have written a much needed report setting out their vision and a strategy for a future of climate education capable of preparing our children for the world they will inherit. They are bringing together people and organisations from all areas to help become part of this important movement for change.

We courage you all to read their report (below). Share it with educational leaders. And join us in taking action.

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