From Places People Prefer to causes people support

Posted on Oct 30, 2018

From Places People Prefer to causes people support News Post Image


British Land is a leading UK commercial property company that creates ‘Places People Prefer’. Their work entails aligning the aspirations of diverse groups of stakeholders, ranging from retail partners to landlords to tourists.

The capabilities needed to aligning diverse stakeholders are also deeply relevant to our causes, which can only fulfil their missions by aligning the aspirations of their volunteers, donors, funders, clients and beneficiaries.

Over the last month the British Land marketing team has been using their talent to support good causes through a Pimp My Cause Challenge.

Through the Challenge their marketing team has creatively overcome the obstacles facing four small causes by helping them to align the aspirations of the groups the causes are looking to build partnerships with to scale their impacts.

The Challenge has given the marketers the opportunity to develop marketing plans for organisations vastly different to their own, which has stretched their abilities while creating fantastic outcomes for the causes. 

The marketers were split into four groups, which each supported their own cause partner to deliver practical marketing plans that could be implemented with little or no budget.

Cause outcomes:

Sky Badger now has a plan for engaging sustainable revenue from sponsors and partner organisations that will make the best use of their website and online knowledge assets and will result in greater levels of support for disabled children and their families without a large fundraising budget.

Leukaemia UK now has an engagement plan for building relationships with haematology professionals around the UK to make the most of their research grants and to more effectively support people suffering from blood cancers in the UK.

BuddyHub now has a plan for building partnerships with local businesses to engage more buddies and seniors to match up in their quest to alleviate loneliness in London.

And Combined Paths now has greater clarity of their purpose, values and key messages to support their growth from concept to sustainable integrated community pilot development and to attract the funding and other partners needed to support refugees in a sustainable way.

It has been incredibly inspiring to see how the British Land marketers have used their expertise to transform the efforts of these great causes.

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