How strategic communications can change young lives

Posted on Sep 13, 2015

How strategic communications can change young lives News Post Image


For the past two years Pimp My Cause has worked with the Marketing Director of Sony Mobile Communications for the UK, Ireland and Benelux, Catherine Cherry, to run Challenges that gave her marketing team the opportunity to support good causes while developing their marketing skills. Catherine and her team have helped to transform the marketing and communications of 10 causes through this programme. Inspired by that experience Catherine also wanted the opportunity to make a personal connection with a cause and see how her individual marketing expertise could make a difference to a cause in need.

We matched Catherine up with London Village Network (LVN), a grassroots organisation that was established to inspire brilliance amongst young people in London.

London Village Network works with Catherine Cherry

LVN’s moto is “it takes a village to raise a child” and they work to level the playing field by creating events to help bridge the gap between working professionals and young people from deprived areas. They do this by engaging all types of professionals in donating their time rather than their money in support of the young people in London who need it most.

LVN is a new charity in need of help to develop a clear message. They sought to develop a communications plan with the right propositions to engage their most important stakeholders. These include all types of professionals in London, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, parents and community organisations that could become partners to help them deliver a greater impact.

Rachael Box, co-founder of LVN said, “Catherine really helped LVN gain focus which has meant we are now a lot clearer in our offering. She truly understood our aims and objectives and has used her expertise to help us communicate more effectively.

“She has helped us to develop our presentation to professionals who may be interested in donating their time at our events. And she has helped us to develop a brief with the changes needed to our website to make it simpler and clearer for anyone wanting to find out about us and our events”.

Catherine said. “It's been great working with Rachael and LVN. They have such an incredible purpose and I really appreciated being able to contribute to their work. I will definitely keep in touch and plan to continue supporting them.”

LVN has now connected with Anureet Sra from Couture Web Limited, a web developer they met through Pimp My Cause, who is helping them to implement the recommended changes to their website. We look forward to sharing that work with you soon.

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