A logo designed for Dont Fund Hate

Posted on Jul 02, 2017

A logo designed for Dont Fund Hate News Post Image


We recently caught up with Matt Tutt, founder of the Don’t Fund Hate project, to learn more about their objectives and hear how they connected with Daniel Jameson through Pimp My Cause to get graphic design support to help them move the project forwards.

Matt Tutt:

Don't Fund Hate is a new voluntary project that aims to raise awareness of businesses activities that help to generate revenue for divisive media organisations. For some time I've been aware of the very unfair coverage that particular minorities have been receiving in the media, as well as the very agenda-driven content that particular media groups have been publishing. I felt that more needed to be done to raise awareness of this "hateful" and fear-mongering coverage that some parts of the press seem to thrive on spreading, so decided to start the "Don't Fund Hate" project.

Since setting it up we've become aware of other well-established groups that are working towards the same goals as us - such as the Sleeping Giants group, or the Stop Funding Hate group. We see ourselves as working on the same page as these groups, helping to make brands aware of their advertisements which are appearing on these hateful publications.

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We're not advocating the end of free speech, but are simply against the idea of media groups being able to monetise their hateful content in this manner. Many brands are simply unaware that their adverts are appearing on these types of right-wing extremist websites, so we are trying to encourage brands to think about the impact that these ad placements might have on their own brand. As a consumer would you be happy to buy a product from a company which helps to fund an extremist site such as Breitbart?

After starting the project I soon realised we needed to have some top quality material in order for us to make as much of an impact as we can, and now that means we needed to have a clear message and marketing material to suit this. A clean yet visually striking logo was therefore essential to us and that's what led us on to Pimp My Cause. We created our profile and put up a request for help and within a few days Daniel Jameson got in touch offering to help. 

Daniel is a student graphic designer looking to get more practical, hands-on experience and get some exposure for his work. We exchanged messages and I gave a very brief description about what we wanted to show with our logo and exactly what kind of message we hoped to spread.

Daniel came back within the next day with some brilliant designs, and within a few days we were up and running with our shiny new logo! Daniel was brilliant to work with; he was always available to discuss the project and came up with some great ideas. We felt very lucky to have been able to meet Daniel through the Pimp My Cause platform and now we're set to continue our project, armed with a new logo (and an additional banner that Daniel kindly created too).

Don't Fund Hate banner designed by marketing volunteer Daniel Jameson

We asked Daniel to share his thoughts about his work with Don’t Fund Hate, "The logo design was based around typography in keeping with the serious nature of the cause, the square is to represent how the cause thinks outside the box and a sans-serif typeface was selected to add an element of boldness. And the colours were selected from the client website, to allow for a development of the logo instead of a complete design overhaul”.

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