Marketer helps Museum of Brands create Professional Development Programme

Posted on Jul 02, 2017

Marketer helps Museum of Brands create Professional Development Programme News Post Image


An experienced Pimp My Cause marketing volunteer has created a new Professional Development Programme for the Museum of Brands.

This programme is designed to support the Museum of Brands in making the most of a recent change of location. The Museum was founded in Gloucester in 1984, moved to London in 2005 and has recently doubled its size and moved to new premises in Ladbroke Grove.

Museum of Brands launches Professional Development Programme

The Museum shares everything from Victorian soap adverts and First World War 1 OXO tins, to the developments in female representation in ads for the latest domestic technology. It's a social history of Britain through the branding and packaging filling our kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Visitors can witness how design and packaging innovations sparked, developed and transformed again through 150 years of consumer culture and professionals place themselves in the heritage of their sector.

Display from Museum of Brands

The Museum always looks for new ways to further engage with the community and industry professionals. And in January 2017, they nominated Pamella Barotti, who they were introduced to through Pimp My Cause, as the Ambassador of their Professional Learning and Development Programme.

Pamella has helped the Museum to create and launch their Professional Learning and Development Programme, which offers a series of events and training opportunities in branding, advertising, marketing, digital and innovation.

Pamella has worked with Karin Kihlberg, the Museum Manager and Rose Hughes, Learning Officer to select topics, recruit well-known industry experts and create a marketing strategy and plan to promote the programme to the Museum’s annual 40,000 visitors, to their database of 20,000 contacts and their founder sponsors including major brands such as Vodafone, Kellogg’s and EasyJet.

The goal of the programme is to drive awareness, raise charity funds and use the Museum as a hub for marketing and branding professionals looking to develop new skills, network and exchange ideas.

“I have always been passionate about growth and development. Throughout my career, I’ve helped companies to grow through marketing and communications and most recently have supported individuals to develop through coaching, mentoring and training. I am honored to be the Ambassador of the Learning and Development Programme and offer an opportunity for marketers and branding professionals to keep up with industry trends, network and reach their talent development goals,” said Pamella.

“We are happy to have Pamella on board and excited to see that the Program has already delivered great results. In a recent talk, The Museum had the incredible Nikki Westoby, Director of Neuroscience at Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience, delivering a fascinating talk on ‘Neuroscience: Why we buy’ to an engaged audience of over 130 people,” shared Rose.

Marketers and branding professionals can register for the Museum’s upcoming training and events here:

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