Marketing for a Climate-Friendly Future

Posted on Apr 03, 2020

Marketing for a Climate-Friendly Future News Post Image


Ben is a school teacher and a little over a year ago he set up the non-profit Climate Ed to educate children about climate change. His aim is to empower the next generation to become climate crusaders!

Amina is an experienced marketing and business development professional who was looking for a change of pace. She was searching for a way to help others with her skills. She got in touch with us after coming across our New Year’s campaign inviting marketers to get 2020 off to a perfect start by donating their marketing expertise to a good cause. 

We connected Amina and Ben and this is what happened...

Ben Cuddon, founder of Climate Ed, commented, “Amina did an absolutely amazing job for us. She wrote an incredibly detailed marketing plan, where she had clearly spent a lot of time thinking about the individuals needs and opportunities for the charity. She laid it all out systematically, highlighting the priority areas and tools we could use to achieve all the specific outcomes. Honestly, I was blown away.

“I must say, as someone new to marketing, when I read it I felt a bit overwhelmed by how much work there was to do. But Amina was very reassuring and we had a Skype call where she offered some guidance on how to actually make the plan happen in reality. Of course, doing that is now our job, and I am recruiting volunteers to help make it all happen. But what Amina did was to lay out beautifully the framework within which we should operate, the methods we needed to use, and a wealth of ideas about how to make our vision a success.

“When you're setting up a charity there are many moments where your energy flags and you doubt what you're doing. But then other people come along, take an interest in what you're doing, and inject their own energy and ideas into it. Amina's contribution to Climate Ed has been invaluable and we are all determined to make sure we turn her ideas into reality.”

And Amina Akhtaru said, “I totally recommend more marketing professionals to put some time aside, and get involved with Pimp My Cause - it is a highly rewarding experience.

“I gravitated towards the charity Climate Ed; I researched the organisation, their ideology and ethos, and became very excited at the prospect of assisting them with their marketing strategy.

Climate Change and Education are two subjects that I am interested in, and the charity offers free educational assemblies and workshops on Climate Change; providing transformational experiences for children that enable them to possess the values that lay foundations for stronger communities.

“I found my experience to be a positive one, humbling and educational. It was wonderful to meet with Ben, who was a real inspiration, and a pleasure to work with.”

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