Marketing strategy supports launch of humanitarian crisis app

Posted on Mar 23, 2017

Marketing strategy supports launch of humanitarian crisis app News Post Image


ACAPS, an NGO based in Geneva, enables crisis responders to better understand and thereby better address the world’s disasters. They contacted Pimp My Cause in the summer of 2016 looking for help with learning more about their target market and how their products are used so that they could provide support that is most useful to humanitarian decision marketers.

We connected ACAPS with Eleanor Ashfield, an experienced marketing manager based in London, to help them to develop greater customer insight to inform their marketing strategy.

As humanitarian crises become more complex, more inter-connected and more distributed around the globe the work of ACAPS is becoming more important than ever to help ensure that humanitarian resources are deployed in the most effective way possible.

In a humanitarian crisis, making decisions is a challenge. The situation is constantly changing and information is scarce. Humanitarian actors have to be able to zoom in on important details as well as see the big picture, fast. 

ACAPS supports humanitarian actors by providing independent analysis to contribute to evidence-based decision making and when needed they deploy experts to provide assessment and analysis on the ground in unfolding crises.

And they’ve recently launched a new app to make it easier for humanitarians to access the right information and analysis wherever they may be.

Caroline Draveny, Communications Officer at ACAPS, said “Eleanor provided us with excellent marketing and communications support. She contributed to the success of the launch of our new app, by helping us to put in place a comprehensive strategy. She was always very reactive and supportive, with valuable and professional recommendations. Without her, we would have missed some outreach opportunities. We therefore thank her and Pimp my Cause for this great collaboration and hope to continue this highly appreciated partnership”. 

And speaking to Eleanor, she shared more about their work together, “Caroline and the team at ACAPS have been a joy to work with. We worked hard to improve ACAPS SEO and to optimise conversion rates on the website, as well as finding innovative ways to reach the target market, always with a great ROI. I have been really pleased to see the fruits of our labour, as we have optimized the UX/UI on the app, defined its market positioning, branding and put a successful cross-channel campaign into place to launch it. We have seen our download and user targets achieved 110% without a huge budget. This project shows what can be achieved with limited resources, and lots of energy. There is so much potential out there for anyone who is prepared to roll up their sleeves and develop a plan.”

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