Marketing Trust and Pimp My Cause help marketers enhance their skills

Posted on Mar 06, 2017

Marketing Trust and Pimp My Cause help marketers enhance their skills News Post Image


The Marketing Trust is supporting Pimp My Cause in providing more structured opportunities for marketers to develop their professional skills while helping charities and social enterprises.

The Marketing Trust's objective is the advancement, for the benefit of the public, of education, practical training and research into the art and science of marketing.

As part of this project Pimp My Cause has worked with marketing teams at Sony Mobile and the Nectar card team at Aimia. These teams have taken on marketing challenges from ten small charities and social enterprises that relate to areas of marketing that they were looking to enhance their skills in. Each cause benefited from a tangible piece of marketing such as a new brand identity or a customer engagement strategy, as well as many intangible benefits such as a greater understanding of marketing and business development. And each marketer contributed significantly to the marketing of a worthy cause, which boosted their confidence and leadership skills as well as the targeted professional development.

Comments from participating marketers include:

  • “I have become much more aware of my approach to both client interactions and to my own personal development. The tools learnt in training mean I have a much more structured approach to these situations now and can tailor my approach to get to the desired objective more directly.”
  • “We have used the training to really help the cause think about where they place their effort when thinking about relationships they need to try and grow and also about their commercial confidence as our cause really struggles with being direct and asking for money for their charity.”
  • “It was a great initiative and very rewarding to build our training around good causes, overall a great way to build knowledge whilst helping people who really value your skills.”

Paul Skinner founder of Pimp My Cause concludes, “We have found in running these programmes that working with good causes to solve pressing real-world problems is an extremely compelling way to take marketers out of their day to day working environment and help them build new skills, habits and develop greater confidence and self-sufficiency.

“We are so pleased to have the support of the Marketing Trust to make this type of marketing learning available to more marketers and causes, to create bigger impacts for society and to build a stronger marketing work force.”

We are now building on these experiences to develop a library of opportunities to help marketers and marketing teams enhance a range of specific marketing capabilities including teamwork, creativity and leadership. 

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