Shooting hoops that change lives

Posted on Oct 05, 2018

Shooting hoops that change lives News Post Image


What happens when you connect a passionate and experienced marketer with a fast growing community sports charity? You build a fantastic team!

Fiona Kerr was introduced to us through our partnership with the marketing recruitment firm EMR. Having recently moved to the UK from New Zealand, she was keen to put her marketing skills to good use for a charity while looking for her next role.

Tony Lazare, founder of London Basketball Association (LBA), and his team are building an impressive basketball movement for change that is improving lives throughout London. And since we introduced Fiona to the LBA team in June, Fiona has developed a full marketing strategy with content plans and a creative framework with them. And she is now supporting them in executing their marketing plans for growth.

Fiona said, "Working with Tony and the team at London Basketball Association has been an absolute dream! It’s amazing how you reconnect with your marketing passion when you remove the board meetings, politics and corporate constraints from the mix, just leaving pure enthusiasm and fun! I would highly recommend getting involved with Pimp My Cause to any marketer. It allows you to challenge yourself and learn about new industries while feeling rewarded for giving of your time and expertise. LBA has become my passion-project and I hope to stay involved with them for many years!” 

And Tony said, “Fiona has been sensational. We hope to keep her for as long as possible because her insight is amazing, her energy is infectious and she's a do'er! Thus far Fiona has created an overarching marketing strategy, breaking us down from head to toe, which is superb as it really allows us to understand who we are, what we need to do and how we going to do it and this translates into solidifying super strong foundations within the marketing arena.”

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