The Purpose Upgrade by Paul Skinner

Posted on Sep 09, 2022

The Purpose Upgrade by Paul Skinner News Post Image


The Pimp My Cause platform was born from the idea that when we come together collectively we have a greater power to create positive change in the world and this philosophy was reflected in Paul Skinner's first book Collaborative Advantage: How Collaboration Beats Competition as a Strategy for Success.

Later this month we'll see the publication of Paul's second book titled The Purpose Upgrade: Change your Business to Save the World. Change the World to Save your Business. This book goes beyond the strategic aim of creating Collaborative Advantage and helps leaders and organisations of all types to use purpose to achieve greater results for their enterprise or non-profit as well as all of the stakeholders they support and depend upon and to know when to Upgrade that Purpose when their context changes.

An example of a Purpose Upgrade can be seen very close to home. In 2020 we changed the name of the social enterprise that runs this platform to MarketingKind.

And it wasn't just a name change. We created a new membership community for business and marketing leaders to come together with change-makers to make marketing mean more through collective pro bono projects, through supporting each other in becoming more purposeful leaders and through exploring some of the biggest stories that we live and work by and how we can change them for the better. 

The MarketingKind community of course also continues to run the Pimp My Cause free matching platform, so that any marketer or good cause can find their match and get on with pro bono marketing projects.

In addition to founding the MarketingKind community and writing books, Paul is also a speaker and strategic consultant. If you are interested in engaging Paul to speak or working with him to Upgrade your organisational Purpose please email

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