Transforming hospitality charity-style

Posted on Nov 05, 2018

Transforming hospitality charity-style News Post Image
Fourth is a software company working to 'transform your hospitality business'. They use data-driven prediction to help clients optimise inventory and staffing, improve the customer experience, control costs and grow profits.
Their business is growing quickly. It covers the UK and has recently moved into the US market. Meyer Prinsloo, VP of Marketing at Fourth, approached Pimp My Cause to explore how a Challenge talent development programme could both inspire his team and give them even greater confidence in their own expertise as a 'team of leaders'.
Over the last two months the Fourth marketers have been developing plans for a Christmas campaign for a hospitality-related charity. Each member of the team has taken the lead on supporting the campaign planning from their own area of expertise as well as contributing to the overall strategy. And as a result, their plans will ensure a fantastic Christmas campaign for their chosen charity, while at the same time the Challenge has helped to build an inspired, more connected, more confident marketing team.

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