Triodos backs Pimp My Cause to market a better world

Posted on Aug 24, 2011

Triodos backs Pimp My Cause to market a better world News Post Image

Triodos Backs Pimp My Cause to Market a Better World

Pimp My Cause is barely two months old and the response to the launch of the platform has been deeply inspiring. We believe the concept is now proven, and the benefits of matching pro bono marketers with great causes that they can donate their talent and creativity to are becoming rapidly apparent.

We are therefore turning our attention to the best ways to scale our model and make sure it achieves the greatest possible impact. To do this we are launching a partnership programme through which we’ll collaborate with partners to further develop the website and scale the numbers of marketers and causes, thereby ensuring the greatest number of opportunities for good matches.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that our first partner in the programme will be the Triodos Bank, the global pioneers of sustainability finance.

The Triodos Bank has a tremendous reputation in ethical finance, and we had the good fortune to meet with their head of business lending, Dr Bevis Watts, earlier in the year. We were deeply impressed with their strong sense of mission, and conviction that banking could be better organized to make a positive societal contribution.

We feel very proud to announce this partnership and look forward to exciting times ahead.

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