What if classroom lessons got up off the page and became real

Posted on Dec 15, 2015

What if classroom lessons got up off the page and became real News Post Image


Many of the charities and social enterprises that we work with at Pimp My Cause are looking to sell services to schools. But the decision-makers at schools have very little time and are often overwhelmed by approaches. 

Through two of our partnerships we have worked with Now Press Play to build their marketing and sales collateral, so they can stand out in this crowded market.

Now Press Play is a social enterprise that offers primary school students an immersive audio experience that creates unique educational opportunities to bring the curriculum to life. Their programmes are especially helpful in engaging children who may have learning and attention difficulties and may be falling behind as a result.

Alice Lacey, CEO of Now Press Play, and Tilly Brooke, their Director of School Engagement and Marketing, joined us in July for the 2nd year of the Sony Mobile Challenge.

A team from Sony Mobile helped Alice and Tilly to analyse their marketing and sales strategies to see how they could be improved to engage more schools in adopting their programmes.

They came away from the Challenge with a new slide deck that is helping them to more effectively sell their programmes. The Sony Mobile team helped them to develop clearer messages about their products and their organisation.

Since the Sony Mobile Challenge and through our partnership with The Marketing Society the Now Press Play team has been introduced to Paul Tredwell, founder of Bigfoot Consulting, who has been happy to provide Now Press Play with business and marketing strategy support.

Children experience curriculum come to life with Now Press Play

Tilly said, “Paul has been an incredible sounding board over the past few months. He has helped us to get our key messaging right. And he has encouraged us to create a Basic Brand Book so that new employees can quickly gain a deep understanding of our organisation and its purpose.

We are very grateful for his support. It makes a big difference to have an experienced marketer to bounce ideas off of and to give us feedback on our plans”.

And when asked about his experience working with Now Press Play, Paul said, “Working with Now Press Play has been hugely rewarding – an opportunity to help passionate, smart entrepreneurs focus their energy, sharpen their instincts and, in a small way, realise the potential of the business”.

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