What if you could have a more experienced marketing team without replacing anyone?

Posted on May 10, 2018

What if you could have a more experienced marketing team without replacing anyone? News Post Image


We know that a more experienced marketing team is a more valuable one. The most costly marketing mistakes are often errors of judgement rather than of logic and judgement is substantially based on experience rather than just access to information.

When offering learning and development opportunities it’s therefore crucial to provide an experience boost, rather than new information alone, or it will lead to little change in practice.

At Pimp My Cause we’ve found a way to diversify a team’s experience in a compressed amount of time.

Our Challenge learning and development programmes provide opportunities to learn-by-doing that result in a more inspired, more connected, more confident and more creative marketing team.

Challenges are talent development programmes with a difference. They provide live charity briefs that have to be fulfilled with zero or low budgets and that are built around a team’s talent development needs and with expert mentors and coaches available to support the process.

Challenges provide marketers with demanding problems, which means they have greater experience to bear on solving future problems. It also enhances their ability to adapt more quickly to change and improves their knack for getting things done.

The experience is transformational and results is a team that is able to deliver more efficiently and effectively on business priorities and leave the legacy of a positive social impact.

Paul Skinner, founder of Pimp My Cause, said, “It’s often in the first few weeks of a new job that you realise how much you learned in your last role. And our Challenge programmes offer a way of taking on a ‘new role’ and the confidence boost that comes with it without leaving your current job.”

When marketers take on the seemingly impossible tasks of helping their charity partner to solve their strategic challenges with zero budget, in a short amount of time, they find they have a huge amount to contribute. They become aware of the business and marketing expertise that they’ve picked up along the way and how valuable their skills are in solving both business and social problems.

If you want to expand your team’s experience and change the way they work to more effectively deliver on your business priorities, a Challenge could be just what you’re looking for.

“Mobile is a fast-paced world and our Challenge helped the team to rise above the day-to-day noise, think strategically and build longer term plans that help good causes to achieve more for society.”-  Catherine Cherry, Sony Mobile

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