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The ASH Campaign raises awareness about the sexual harassment of women and LGBT individuals in public spaces - where some people think 'free speech' is synonymous with 'hate speech'. We aim to raise awareness of sexual harassment of an issue, educate the perpetrators and take the authorties to task on the matter.


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The campaign was founded when Director Vicky Simister was followed one dark night by a car full of men. After 20 minutes of harassment, she lashed out at the men and fled to the nearest tube station. She was followed and assaulted. The police were called, however the advised Simister not to press charges, as she had 'provoked her own attack' by reacting unfavourably to her attackers 'compliments'. A year and a half later and the campaign is now national, with articles in national newspaper, TV and radio. We are now looking to polush up our website and find ways for victims of sexual harassment to better interact with us.

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