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Continuo Foundation brings together leading figures from classical music, business, media, law and academia to preserve the UK’s world-leading historical performance sector through providing vital grant funding to mobilise artistic activity and create paid live performance opportunities for freelance musicians. We are thrilled and humbled to have Emma Kirkby, Roger Norrington and Rachel Podger as our Patrons. In the longer term, Continuo Foundation will help ensembles become more financially sustainable by bringing new thinking, innovation and technology to grow this sector by bringing early music to historic and new venues across the UK, educating audiences and opening doors for the next generation of musicians entering the field. We aim to provide a new centralised resource for connecting ensembles, musicians, audiences, and venues in order to grow the UK's historical performance sector and preserve its celebrated tradition of excellence.


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Continuo Foundation is a new charity with ambitious plans to build a digital platform that connects musicians, ensembles, audiences and venues - creating a centralised, not-for-profit marketplace serving the entire historical performance sector. This platform would help to develop a network of chamber music venues across the UK, helping ensembles to become more financially sustainable, freelance musicians to gain visibility, and audiences to easily search for upcoming performances by geographical location. The organisation is looking to add to its dynamic team an individual with marketing expertise to provide advice and strategic guidance for building up Continuo Foundation in general and for this project in particular. The ideal candidate would have experience with interactive digital platforms. An interest in classical music would also be beneficial.

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