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Development Director

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Our mission Garden Organic inspires, encourages and supports individuals and groups to grow organically.   We achieve this through our research, our demonstration gardens and our educational and promotional work.



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Garden Organic is the country's leading charity for promoting sustainable and organic horticulture and gardening both here in the UK and overseas.     Founded over 50 years ago by Lawrence Hills a dedicated visionary who was ahead of his time in promoting sustainable organic growing.   Garden Organic supports everyone and anyone with a desire to grow plants in a more sustainable way whether they be commercial growers, community groups or simply families gardening at home or in an allotment.   Garden Organic is an ‘environmental organisation with a social conscience’ we conduct research, campaign for change and develop practical projects using organic methods to help communities grow in more ways than one.     We not only help people to grow in a way which protects our environment but also provide practical positive opportunities for adults and children to: live active healthier lifestyles, access to local fresh healthy food, build confidence and learn new skills, learn more about how what we do impacts upon the world in which we live and what we can do about it in a way which is practical and fun, enhance the employment prospects for the unemployed, get together and build cohesive communities through gardening regardless of their age or background.   Here are some of the things we have achieved in recent years:   Campaigning for good – the ‘One Pot Pledge’ to date over 30,000 families have signed up to growing organically and we are still going strong.   Bringing communities together – ‘Sowing new seeds’ helping culturally diverse communities in some of the most deprived areas across the Midlands to grow exotic crops not traditionally grown in the UK.   Promoting best practice – our ‘National Demonstration Gardens at Ryton’ home to numerous show gardens open to the public demonstrating best practice in sustainable methods.   Educating and changing behaviour – working in partnership with the Health Education Trust, Focus on Food and the Soil Association to form the ‘Food for Life Partnership’, Garden Organic actively supported over 4,000 schools in setting up school gardens for the growing of food and trained teachers on how to use organic growing across all the subject areas as part of the National Curriculum;   Promoting voluntary action – our ‘Master Gardeners Programme’ training local people to act as mentors and trainers of novice gardeners in local communities around the country getting people growing their own food.  Over 2,000 people mentored to date.   Managing waste sustainably– over 1,500 ‘Master Composters’ are trained to help people know how to compost their household waste and so reduce waste to landfill   Protecting Biodiversity – the ‘Heritage Seed Library’ – a network of experienced gardeners help to grow and harvest seed from over 600 rare varieties of vegetables and fruit from across the UK which are catalogued and stored in our seed library.   Without the seed library these plants would be lost and with them a valuable resource for future use.   Influencing national policy – Garden Organic led the Government’s ‘Food Growing in Schools Task Force’ which was launched recently to establish a national campaign celebrating food growing in schools with recommendations to promote food growing in schools across the country.   Supporting communities in need overseas – Centre for Agro-ecology and Food Security set up by Garden organic in partnership with Coventry University is providing international applied research, consultancy, professional training and development on sustainable farming and food systems.

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Dec 31, 2014

Marketing and Comms Support for Young Entreprenuers from Disadvataged Backgrounds


Links to Enterprise is one of our current projects, which at a time of mass youth unemploymet, support young adults aged 18-35 years of age (some older ) to set up their own businesses or social enterprises.  Marketing & communications is key to success of these nascent micro businesses, and we would be immensly grateful for any marketing and communications professionals who could support/metor/assist our nascent start-ups paritculalry with online marketing, social media marketing strtategies and approaches  to marketing on a limited budget.We have  numerous interesting projects to potettially get involved with:A buschcraft training business targeting corpotrates, communites and schoolsAn unemployed lone parent launching a hand-made chilli chutney condiment, she has recently applied to pitch to John Lewis  through a local collegeA young photographer who has developed a contextualised niche service, targeting a range of child graduation opportunitiesA website portal focusing solely on good news and raising awareness of good causes (Social enterprise)A young unemployed  musician/comedian who is launching a new character who provides satirixcal comedy songs challenging extremAn unemployed local plumber recently set up as a sole trader trying to establish himself in a very competitive marketAn unemployed high street chain make up consultant setting up her owbn business specifically targeting older womenThe list goes on. Please contact us if you would find helping these nascent busines to develop rewarding as we do.  

Skills Required

  • Marketing

Posted on Jul 04, 2014

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