Beacon Of Hope Sailing Project C.I.C

Aaron Baxter

Co-Founder / Director & Skipper


To sail around the world- in the wrong direction- with a crew of incredibly inspirational individuals; all of whom have been through a challenging experience such as cancer, domestic violence, mental health, combat related trauma and many more. During our 38,000 mile expedition, our incredibly brave crew members will share their highs, lows and everything in between in order to provide hope and inspiration to people across the country and the globe. Upon our return, we hope to provide structured sailing opportunities and a wide range of support to individuals who have been through a challenging life episode and require support to get back on a positive path in life. By sailing around the world, we set out to prove how impactful sailing can be to a person's life after a challenging experience. We hope to demonstrate to the public how difficult it can be to re-establish a normal life or to create a new normal after a life changing episode such as cancer or domestic violence. Many people faced with a life-threatening illness, disability or experience speak of a new appreciation for life and a zest to achieve things they may have never thought were possible. However, for some, their challenging situations and conditions may be all they have known for years or even their whole life. This can make their journey after a challenging life experience very difficult. People often struggle to get back on their feet, find new purpose in their lives or motivation to pursue their dreams and aspirations. BOH will provide individuals with the space and time to reflect on their experience, discover new and exciting things about themselves and apply those skills to a confidence boosting adventure- hopefully setting the people we support on a new, positive path in life. Our message is ‘Hope in the Face of Adversity’ Through our extraordinary expedition we intend to prove that regardless of what you’ve been through in life, you can achieve anything with hope! Our Project is not just about supporting the crew and people who sail with us in the future. This project is about supporting you, it's about supporting your friends, your family and your community; creating a society of people who care about the issues we are facing and who are ready to provide hope and support to people and communities the world over.


Education and Skills

Additional Information

We cover more areas than just education and skills. we outline nearly all key issues of today from mental health through to environmental disasters such as nano and pico plastic pollution. It would be a thousand times easier to arrange a quick Teams meeting to explain the project as it is truly unique and has a mass of long term value for the community and the planet equally.

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Help Wanted Ads

May 30, 2021

Fundraising and project marketing assistance required.


Hello, we are seeking experts in marketing and fundraising in order to progress our unique project. We have been attempting to raise funding for the project for a good few months now without any avail. We are sailors and by no means experts in the fundraising sector. This is why we believe we could strongly benefit from the support and assistance of a marketing expert and someone who is experienced in fundraising. If you feel this could suit you, please call us on +44 (0)1932 320992 or email

Skills Required

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding

Posted on May 24, 2021

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