Rosaline Scott

Co Founder


My business partner and I have an online store called Toothbuckle. We sell eco-friendly products - actively working toward producing better oral care products and reducing plastic waste. Toothbuckle covers are fully patented and designed to keep toothbrushes hygienically clean. Our vegan toothbrushes are wrapped into a protective FDA silicone with added natural sliver particles to limit bacterial growth. We are a business committed to a social enterprise through the eyes of some of the most vulnerable children. We aim to educate, inspire and motivate change in urban communities. We are focusing on building strong partnerships with our eco shops & online marketplaces. We want to make buying organic products accessible to everyone. Alison and I are women who want to help build a sustainable health-conscious future! A social enterprise business, making affordable oral care products for ordinary families who wish to become responsible consumers. We aim to help our customers find a better, more effective solution to their oral hygiene. Our products have natural antimicrobial properties to keep the germ toothbrush build-up at bay. Our toothbrushes protect you from prominent Ecoli bacteria and other harmful chemicals found in the bathrooms. We use high-quality FDA approved silicone and natural sliver in all our toothbrush covers. We're on a mission to reduce plastic waste, one simple change at a time.



Additional Information

Toothbuckle is committed to making positive change within our communities, working alongside disadvantage children from all ethnic backgrounds. We sent out regular communication self-care, mindfulness, achievement, & 'We love our Planet'. We directly link to how they feel and the things that concern them through our charity partner, We aim to promote positive self-images. We regularly bring attention to celebrate special events of the year, such as Black History Month, LGBT Gay Pride Month, Africa Day, Mental Health Awareness Month, International Women Day, etc. We are pleased to say that our collaboration with our friends in South Africa inspires and activates hope for the children at the Khiphinkunzi Primary School to help build their new school. Now they have a wonderful place to grow their dreams and reach their full potential as young girls for the future. Toothbuckle is the much-needed bridge between oral hygiene protection and how the modern family require positive life influences and sustainability. We aim to introduce our sustainable option into households across the country. We know that if we can achieve this monumental goal, we can also create social change for good in communities across the country. Where choosing sustainable products is not only an affordable option for the few but is commonplace for many. Consumers have started to resonate with heartfelt responsible consumption to move away from plastic products like sustainable bamboo toothbrushes and toothbrush covers.

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Jun 28, 2021


We want help with our online stores: To significantly increase our conversion rates and search engine visibility through product descriptions and SEO. Enhance the visibility of our reviews in Google. Get more traffic from Google and give our website a keyword boost. We would also like some help with our PR & Marketing.

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Posted on Jun 14, 2021

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