Kristina Allen


I am available to help, please get in touch.

Skills Offered

  • - Marketing
  • - Strategic Marketing
  • - Advertising
  • - Seo
  • - Social Media Marketing
  • - Pr

Personal Introduction

Hi! I am a social marketing consultant who believes strongly in taking a conversion-oriented approach to engagement and social paid ads. I've worked with large corporations, Inc. 500 companies and nonprofits to increase their social marketing effectiveness.


  • B.A. in public communication

  • M.A. in communication

  • in progress


Comcast Cable Social Marketing Strategist Responsible for creating and implementing a strategy for launching Ch. 1 Local OnDemand shows in the south Florida region using social media ion interactive Online Marketing Manager Responsible for managing online marketing with an emphasis on social media Type K Marketing Owner Social marketing consultant helping brands and organizations increase the effectiveness of their social campaigns. Heavy emphasis on driving engagement, leads and sales.  

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