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Our mission is to engage and support our local communities in the understanding and importance of compassion towards animals, and good animal welfare. We support the National Society's campaign to #CancelOutCruelty, and to #EndBreedSpecificLegislation and to promote a world compassionate about all animals. We are particularly passionate about education. Our aim is to support children of all ages to engage with the values around care for all animals and their habitats, such as the coastlines and our natural environment, as well as our beloved pets. For us all, human and animal-kind, our future lies in empathy & kindness.


Animal Welfare

Additional Information

As an independent Branch of the RSPCA, we are a separately registered charity. We comply with the Rules and Guidelines issued by the National Society of the RSPCA and work tirelessly to achieve the Society’s objects throughout our branch area. We receive no government funding, and rely solely on donations and legacies from the people in our community, We provide subsidised veterinary treatment for animals, which are sick or injured and belong to local people on low incomes. We do this through our voucher scheme. This work benefits those on means tested benefits by giving them financial help to obtain care for companion animals in need of veterinary treatment. We provide subsidised neutering and microchipping of companion animals for those in the Branch area on low incomes. This work helps to control dog/cat/rabbit and ferret populations through neutering and benefits those on means tested benefits by giving them financial help to neuter and microchip companion animals, thereby promoting responsible pet ownership. We respond to enquiries (both direct and via the Society’s national call centre) from the public about animals locally. The public benefits from knowing that we can intervene to assist animals in need. Within the terms of our governing document, we support the National Society and the local Inspectorate by providing vouchers for neutering to be issued by the Inspectors to members of the public in greatest need. We provide volunteering opportunities for those who wish to support our work. This benefits local people and companies by providing the possibility of doing work, which is compassionate and rewarding.

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Help Wanted Ads

Dec 08, 2021

Community Engagement


Can you help us reach results in the shape of donations and volunteers? Do you know what we are missing when it comes to engaging our community in a more sustainable and reliable way? If so, we would love to hear from you. We are looking to grow our online (and in-person) presence in a way that sees measurable results in two main areas: Fundraising and Volunteering. We have plenty of fundraising ideas, and volunteer opportunities, and we have a strong knowledge base to help support these ideas towards actuality, but we need extra support. We are keen to better understand the ways in which we can turn a 'like' or comment, into a donation or a 'buy a ticket here'. And we want to become just as successful at turning a call out or query into a team of regular volunteers. We are passionate about our community, and the ways in which we can help and support local animals. We are just as passionate about our team, and when it comes to volunteers, we want to cater to their skills and passions in a supported, progressive environment. We have seen a fatigue in active community engagement, even when running free-to-enter events and competitions, and we are looking for a reliable strategy when it comes to recruiting volunteers.

Skills Required

  • Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Concept Development
  • Customer Insight

Posted on Sep 08, 2021

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