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Dan Beacon

Head Of Fundraising And Communications


Ataxia is a progressive, neurological condition that disrupts the messages sent from our brains to our muscles. Not just the muscles we use to move, but those we use to speak, listen and see. Over time, people with ataxia are slowly imprisoned in their own bodies, losing the tools they once had to communicate with loved ones. At the last, the heart grows weak, causing an early loss of life. More than 10,000 people in the UK live with ataxia. It’s hereditary, it’s progressive, and to top it all? There’s no cure. But there is hope. Research we fund into finding treatments and a cure for ataxia are moving ever closer to success, including stem cell therapy and gene therapy. By collaborating with ataxia researchers across the globe, and pharmaceutical and research organisations, we’re confident that a cure can be found.



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