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To effect change for disadvantaged people through individual and community development and the promotion of equality.


Poverty Alleviation

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LEAP is a registered charity that started in 1993 to transform peoples’ lives by helping them move out of poverty through the provision of advice, information, training and education. We provide a comprehensive range of services such as: outreach; needs assessment; employability skills training; one-to-one support; job placement and therapeutic counselling. Our support services are aimed at raising our clients’ self-esteem and motivation, giving them the tools to escape from poverty and fulfil their potential. We run unique educational programmes which empower jobless people from disadvantaged communities with the concepts of personal responsibility and a ‘can do’ attitude. This is supplemented by a support service to help them get into sustained employment. In addition we have developed training programmes aimed at children in inner-city schools across London and manage a community centre in Kensal Green which puts on a range of classes. We currently help over 2,500 people a year, providing a wide range of services including empowerment training, helping people into work, classes for local young people; mentoring; IT and numeracy classes.

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