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We are a charity, set up by schools in Whitley, South Reading to make sure that the chiuldren and families living in the area have access to cultural, sporting and social events.  Whitley is an area of high social and economic deprivation, but Reading itself is an area of high employment and investment.  Our families live in 2nd and 3rd generational poverty with some being in the lowest 10% nationally for poverty affecting children.  We try to address the balance for our children, to make sure they have high aspirations and the drive to improve their future life chances.


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The activities we fund are additional to those offered through the schools.  Last year we took over 700 children and adults away on 4 day trips to the seaside and London - for many this was their only day away from Whitley over the summer.  We are also working with another charity to develop a local residential site for our most vulnerable chidlren, so that they can experience the countryside, and develop new skills, such as canoeing and climbing - again, we know this has made a huge difference.

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