Natasha Konstantinova

Head Of Reputation And Communication

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Skills Offered

  • - Concept Development
  • - Pr
  • - Branding

Personal Introduction

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  • Pr, Media, Communications Professional

    We help many C-Level executives, start-up founders, and entrepreneurs grow their business, establish visibility, and gain recognition from top media. Internal and External Communications Plans and Eexcution. Media Training

  • Brand, Thought Leadership And Communications Executive

    We help you to paint your brand or reputation with the colors of your choice, with the beaming story of your personality. We help you to position your products or services in the minds of others with captivating and irresistible promises. We help you to step up, Stand out and create an opportunity to be noticed and seen the way you want.

  • Crisis Management Trainer

    We provide world-class trainings and simulations to prepare you for your worst business crisis We have your back. Virtually, or in your ‘war room’ – when things take an unexpected turn We hold and teach 5 key lessons learned from global crises experiences We offer a 10 steps approach to guide you through any business crisis If you don’t have your crisis response plan yet, we’ll develop one for you Our programs and approaches have been tested and adopted by top Fortune 500 companies


Hello, I am Natasha, a unique blend of Creative Mind and Business Executive. I spent the last 20+ years, immersed in the world of corporate communications, media, crisis management, and global reputation science. I've led global and corporate teams in Healthcare, Consumer Electronics, Fashion, Domestic appliances, and IT for Fortune 500 companies, international institutions, and foundations worldwide. I've always had the privilege to work with amazing and talented people. They inspired and empowered me to explore, bring new ideas, adapt, lead and dare. Today I want to pay back and pay forward. I want to share all my learnings, mistakes, and success and transfer my experience into valuable knowledge. I help entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders to share their incredible stories of success, build their brands and credibility, and manage their reputation. I also have their backs when things take an unexpected turn. In my spare time I form teams to put on non-for-profit international educational programs and events for kids, and volunteer as a judge and mentor for the Healthcare Startup Accelerator. Above all, I take huge pride and joy to lecture 'Strategic Leadership' at the Swiss School of Business and Management AND being a mom and wife to my two favorite people in the world;)

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