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We are a fitness based social enterprise that offers free fitness provisions to young people and affordable fitness sessions to adults. We call our members the High Achievers and our mission is to help them develop Personal Resilience, achieve their full potential and thrive in life.


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At High Achievers Lab, we strongly believe in the use of fitness as a tool to develop that powerful mental and physical structure that gives rise to a successful and healthy life. Our social enterprise values & behaviours derived from Mental Toughness principles: Confidence. Commitment. Control. Challenge. Originating from elite sports, Mental Toughness, often referred to as grit, has in recent years been presented in several research papers as the one key element to success notably across the sporting & business world. All of our provisions are designed and intended to help you develop your physical & mental toughness abilities.

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Mar 20, 2023

We are looking to improve our image and relationship with local organisations


We are looking to improve our relationships and raise our profile in our local area. We would love to have our work, especially around the free sessions for young people shared in local newspapers and media. Unfortunately, I have very little knowledge on PR and wouldn't know where to start. The main goal is raise awareness around the free sessions and get more young people engaged in positive activities, and secondly attracting more payed members which allows us to run those free session.

Skills Required

  • Pr

Posted on Feb 03, 2023

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