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Chloe Ellis-Dale

Operations & Fundraising Manager


At Global Teacher we believe that exposure and access to good quality education is the catalyst that will enable tomorrow’s dreamers, visionaries and problem solvers to change the world. Our immediate mission is to empower one million marginalised students, through education, using our offline and off-grid EdTech Products.


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Global Teacher have designed and manufactured the world’s first 3D-printed, solar-powered educational learning system which aims to put world-class educational content in the heart of marginalised classrooms across the developing world. Introducing…Pod & Lumi. The entire Pod system; custom classroom projector with computing chip, wireless remote, solar panel and battery pack has been designed for harsh environments where schools have no internet or electricity. This allows students and educators all over the world to take advantage of digital educational content that can be taught offline, off-grid, anytime, anywhere. Meanwhile, Lumi, our bespoke learning software is designed to give teachers and students all over the world access to current, relevant and appropriate learning material. Lumi is quick and easy to navigate. Designed for learning in challenging environments. Designed to empower tomorrow’s changemakers. We’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading content providers to deliver a vast catalogue of up-to-date and culturally appropriate learning resources. Thousands of dynamic, offline lessons are available through the integrated memory on the device. All aspects about the product design both software and hardware, have been deeply considered and designed around the end user. Using the external SD Card provided, you can also view your own PDF's, photos and videos which can be navigated with the wireless remote. By keeping “eyes to the front,” our projector system can educate an entire class of students with just one piece of hardware, making it cost-effective, collaborative; giving students access to world-leading educational content at the touch of a button.

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