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Zoe Bryan

Recruiting Lead


We are committed to empowering the families and carers of autistic children to optimise their life prospects and unlock their true potential. Our unique conception of autism, emphasising its potential and not seeing it as a disability, is at the heart of all we do. We aim to support parents to transform the lives of their autistic children by helping them to truly understand the needs they are not able to clearly express, and to respond to these in ways that make them feel safe, protected, looked after and strongly connected to those close to them. We aim to do this through support in the home, parent groups, our proposed intentive Mifne Clinic, and online materials including webinars, articles, interviews, online tools and eventually our comprehensive Autism Parenting Hub. Early Intervention is a key part of giving the right foundational support and understanding to an autistic child that will provide them with the strength and confidence to be able to find the best in themselves in later life, and we aim to work with and advocate working with children at the earliest possible opportunity in order to achieve this.


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