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Our mission is to ensure underserved communities have access to air purifiers, filters and other technologies which remove diseases and pollutants from indoor air that we all breathe. We spend up to 90% of our time indoors. Clean indoor air is a human right.



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During the Covid Pandemic a group of engineers, public health specialists and grassroots activists set out to design a cheap, powerful DIY air purifier that could be used to reduce the airborne spread of Covid indoors. The result was the Corsi-Rosenthal box. Since then the Corsi-Rosenthal box has proven to be an invaluable tool not only in the fight against Covid, but also other airborne diseases, pollution and allergies. The movement has gained the recognition of the White House and Corsi-Rosenthal boxes have become common place in US schools and increasingly UK schools too. We are now incorporating the movement as a charity to ensure underserved communities have equitable access to air purifiers and any other established or emerging technologies which benefit health by improving the quality of indoor air that we all breathe.

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